Happy birthday to us!  To celebrate our 1-year anniversary of serving San Francisco, we'll be donating 1% of our November food sales to 3 charities selected by our customers.  Come in for dinner and select YOUR favorite charities from the list. 


Project Night Night

Mission: Project Night Night provides individual tote bags containing a security blanket, age-appropriate books, and stuffed animals to homeless children in an effort to help homeless children have sweeter dreams. Homelessness affects every facet of a child's development, increasing the risk for developmental delays, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, heath concerns, and deficient social skills. Project Night Night believes that these devastating effects can be mitigated by receiving a good night's sleep. Inadequate sleep can cause decreases in performance, concentration, learning, and health. Sleep deprivation can also increase behavior and mood problems as well as memory lapses. Children in homeless shelters do not have the luxury of falling asleep in the pristine conditions we, as parents, try to create for our children. Instead, children in shelters often endure an overcrowded, noisy, and unfamiliar environment in their quest for sleep. At Project Night Night, we hope that by receiving a package of familiar objects such as a security blanket, books, and a stuffed animal, homeless children will be able to have sweeter dreams.

Project Night Night provides tens of thousands of our Night Night Packages to homeless children all across the country, with a concentration in California.



Mission: Founded in 1997, SMART's mission is to provide motivated, financially-disadvantaged students with access to educational opportunities, personal experiences and family support services that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Results: Over 94% of college-aged SMART alumni have enrolled in college; nationally, less than 10% of low-income students who graduate high school pursue higher education. For the past 4 years, 100% of our graduating 8th graders have been accepted into a charter or private high school, enabling them to continue learning at an advanced level. In 2013, 100% of our graduating seniors have been accepted to and enrolled in a 4-year college!

Target demographics: motivated, low-income students and families

Direct beneficiaries per year: 16 Fifth Graders in our Placement Services; 55 sixth through eighth grade Scholars

Geographic areas served: San Francisco

Programs: Placement and advocacy into one of our 21 partner private schools. SMART recruits motivated, low-income students and support families through the complicated school and financial aid application process to ensure the best fit of the school for the individual student. Middle School Achievement Program (MAP) provides academic, social and emotional support for 5th - 8th grade students attending one of our partner schools. Scholars are provided with 2x a week after-school program (with transportation provided), one-on-one match with volunteer tutors and mentors, and individualized academic support plans. Students then transition into our newly developed College Access Program (CAP) from 9th-12th grades, which provides access and support to ensure 100% of our high school seniors apply and enroll in a 4-year college. We also offer Family Education Series and Academic Summer Enrichment Programs.


First Graduate

Mission: First Graduate's mission is to help students finish high school and become the first in their families to graduate from college, well-prepared to launch meaningful careers.

Results: Our long-term, individualized approach successfully meets the needs of first-generation youth. To-date, 100 percent of First Graduate high school seniors has graduated from high school and enrolled in college. 88% of First Graduate high school graduates are eligible for the California State University system compared to 52% in the San Francisco Unified School district (SFUSD number also includes non-first generation students); 68% of our high school graduates are eligible for the University of California system. By comparison 18% of Black and Latino students in California graduate eligible to attend a CSU and 6% graduate eligible to attend UC schools. Our students are attending schools across the nation such as San Francisco State University, Harvard, Chapman University, the University of California, Los Angeles, Tufts University, and more.

Target demographics: First Graduate works exclusively with aspiring first-generation college graduates -- students who come from families with no college tradition. The majority of our students are immigrants or children of immigrants who receive either free or reduced-price lunch.

Direct beneficiaries per year: More than 320, plus their families.

Programs: First Graduate's effective college access and success program helps more than 370 San Francisco-based students each year. In the spring of 2014, we enrolled our 13th class of new students recruited from San Francisco public middle schools. We coach our students for 10 years as they journey from middle school to high school, from high school to college, and from college into their first careers. We provide year-round academic instruction, tutoring and support; high school and college counseling; mentoring; family engagement activities; career exploration activities; and college scholarships and support.


Girlsource, Inc.

Mission: GirlSource provides meaningful work and leadership opportunities for urban, low-income young women, ages 14 - 18. We hire them to create media and education products that express their own voices and experiences. GirlSource equips young women with the life, leadership, and job skills they need to succeed.

Programs: GirlSource programs include the Young Women's Technology and Leadership program which hires young women to build an interactive web site. Their job during the program is to provide information and discussion on the issues from our book, It's About Time, published in 1999. Program participants gain technology and leadership skills that will prepare them for internships, jobs, or additional training. The Young Women's Community Leadership Program delivers a curriculum that emphasizes leadership and activism around self-identified health and well being issues within participants' own communities. GirlSource has partnered with community based organizations across 5 Bay Area counties to reach over 150 young women per year. Bound For Success provides career, college, and life planning services for low-income young women. Bound for Success has four components: workshops to help young women get to college and expose them to a broad range of career options, visits to local colleges and universities, enrollment in an Individual Development Account (IDA) program (which allows youth to save earnings that are matched at a 3:1 rate for educational expenses), and the Glady Thacher Scholarship Fund, which provides a cash award to GirlSource participants entering college. In addition to these three programs, GirlSource also actively includes low-income young women in leadership and decision-making positions on both our staff and Board, and program participants are routinely promoted to staff positions within the organization. Consequently, GirlSource provides an environment in which young women work with women of all ages on our staff and Board to shape and run our programs.


Old Skool Cafe

Mission: Our mission is to provide marketable employment skills in the restaurant industry to youth - specifically focusing on the at-risk and previously incarcerated population. This is achieved all within the context of a holistic, supportive, accountable, mentor-driven and faith based environment to ensure the greatest possible success for our youth.

Programs: Our supper club employs youth ages 16-24 yrs.old in every area of the business as paid youth apprentices in training. An apprenticeship will assist them in transforming their learned skills into formidable jobs in the marketplace. Apprenticeships will consist of some of the following: chefs, waiter/waitresses, host/hostess, entertainment, talent scout, stage manager, accountant and public relations director. Our youth performers are also paid and given professional experience in the industry.

San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

Mission: The mission of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center is to prevent child abuse and neglect and reduce its devastating impact.

Results: - 85% of parents, with young children, receiving case management and counseling services reported lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. - 84% of adults participating in counseling remained stable or improved their ability to meet basic needs. - 90% of children who received safety awareness education demonstrated post-training knowledge of important safety rules. - After our training, 85% of child-serving professionals said they were more likely to report suspected child abuse.

Target demographics: parents and caregivers with children eighteen or younger.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 15,576 clients; handled 15,000 calls on the 24/hr parental stress line; and launched the Child Advocacy Center.

Programs: a parent-drop-in, a Playroom, case management, counseling, therapy, parenting classes, support groups, parent workshops, family events and activities, and a 24/7 parental stress line, all at the Prevention Center. In the community, we provide emergency respite, mandated reporter trainings, safety awareness education in schools, and public awareness campaigns, as well as work with partners city-wide.


Jamestown Community Center Inc

Mission: Jamestown is dedicated to mobilizing the resources of families, neighborhood residents and other community members to help young people realize their full potential as responsible and empowered members of society.

Results: For over 35 years, Jamestown has been providing learning opportunities and safe spaces for low-income Mission District youth. Most recently, as a result of Jamestown’s long history of success, the city of San Francisco has identified Jamestown as one of five “Anchor Institutions.” This prestigious designation will allow Jamestown to expand its capacity to serve youth and their families with even greater depth and success.

Target demographics: Jamestown fulfills its mission by annually providing 500 youth, ages 6 to 18, with a full range of educational enrichment, academic tutoring, leadership, employment, sports, and teen guidance programs. Jamestown’s youth represent the low-income, racially and ethnically diverse community in which they live and attend school.  Participants are 88% Latino/a, 6% African American, 2% Multi-racial, 1% Asian American, 1% Filipino/a, 1% Caucasian, and 1% Native American.  To ensure that all neighborhood youth can participate in Jamestown’s activities regardless of their families’ financial circumstances, all programs are provided free of charge.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 500

Programs: Jamestown offers education enrichement classes (art, dance, drama, creative writing, science, youth organizing); academic support through one-on-one tutoring; organized sports teams for boys and girls that compete in city-wide leagues.


Mission Neighborhood Health Center

Mission: Mission Neighborhood Health Center honors our Latino roots with a tradition of providing compassionate, patient-centered care.  We advocate for health equity and deliver innovative, high quality services responsive to the neighborhoods and diverse communities we serve.

Our Values: Our values honor Mission Neighborhood’s Health Centers’ rich legacy and reflect how we engage with our patients and the community.

                Passion for service: We value commitment and teamwork. We learn from each other, we support one another and grow together doing our best to improve health outcomes with our patients/clients.

                Cultural Embrace: We respect and honor the values and traditions of our patients. We believe that everyone should be treated equally , fairly, and with dignity.

                Strong Relationships: We value partnering with our communities and with our patients by honoring their voices

Clinical Excellence: In support of the wellness and healing of our patients and community, we value high quality, evidence-driven and team-based care.